• Squadron Band

    The Squadron Maintains a very active pipe band. If you have a talent for music, or you would like to try something new, then why not try the band?

  • Flying

    If you want to learn to fly, then the air cadets is the best place to start. Not only do we train you in avation studies, and get you flying but you can also go on flying scholarships that count towards a private pilots licence.

  • Gliding

    Have you ever wanted to try one of the simplest forms of flying? The Air Cadets sends hundreds of young people gliding every year, and with a Gliding Scholarship you can fly solo at in a glider at the age of 16! Even before you can drive!

Adult Roles

The different types of Roles our Adult Volunteers fulfill is explained in more detail here.

There are 3 different types of staff in the Air Training Corps:


Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

and Civillian Instructors.


The Civilian Comimittee

If you don't think you can quite make the committment to being adult staff, there's always the Civilian Committee (CC). This is a group of people that usually have current or previous links with the ATC (although it's not necessary to know anything about the organisation), such as parents, former staff members, parents of ex-cadets, or even people with no connection to the Air Training Corps.


Join as a Cadet

 We can take young people on board from 13 years old. It is not possible to take cadets under this age. Generally, we would recommend that cadets joining us are under the age of 17 in order to get the best length of service - a cadet usually must leave at 18 years or become an Adult Staff Member


Join as an Adult Volunteer

The Air Cadets have a skilled and dedicated staff team, but we are always looking for more talented individuals to join our team. You do not need a Service background, or any particular military skills to work with us. Training is provided at various levels. There are three categories of staff:

RAFVR(T) Officer (uniformed)
Non-commissioned Officer (NCO)(uniformed)
Civilian Instructor (CI) (non uniformed)

Please look at the Adult Recruitment Website, phone the recruitment hotline on 0845 600 6601, or contact our Squadron Commanding Officer, Warrent Officer Adrian Penfold for more information.

When do you meet?

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 1900-2130 hours, and there's nearly always something going on at a weekend to get involved in. We're open every Tuesday and Thursday of the year, excluding Bank Holidays, and we also have a break around Christmas time, but we're open throughout the rest of the year, including over school holidays.

To see the rest of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) click here.

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